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Central Clinic
101 Queensway West, 5th Floor, Mississauga, ON, L5B 2P7 - Phone: (905) 272-9700 - Fax: (905) 272-1416 Map


DrMenat Attia
Dr. Victoria Chen
Dr. Mehrdad Gharagozloo
Dr. Jess Goodman
Dr. Cheryl Hewitt
Dr. June Kingston
Dr. Nadine Majid
Dr. Cristina Musngi
Dr. Vincent Park
Dr. Rhonda Wilansky

Angela H., 0
Petronila V., Accounting Clerk
Sharon C., Administrative Assistant
Elaine F., Administrative Assistant
Melissa R., Administrative Assistant
Robin S., Administrative Lead
Robin S., Administrative Lead
Joanna G., Business Office Coordinator
Megan J., Communications Specialist
Kelly M., Executive Assistant
Andrea S., Executive Director
Gail L., FHO Business Adminstrator
Helen S., Human Resources Administrator
Sharon G., Manager
Rory G., Manager
Sharon C., Medical Admin. Assistant
Michelle C., Medical Admin. Assistant
Carmela K., Medical Admin. Assistant
Margaret K., Medical Admin. Assistant
Ivana M., Medical Admin. Assistant
Falakas M., Nurse Practitioner
Andrea S., Nurse Practitioner
Steve P., Physiotherapist
Lara H., Registered Dietitian
Catherine B., Registered Nurse
Debbie G., Registered Nurse
Tina P., Registered Nurse
Harmonpreet S., Registered Practical Nurse
Mathura X., Registered Practical Nurse
Shirley C., Social Worker